viernes, 6 de julio de 2012

taboutaboutabou nos ha enviado un vídeo

LOVE ON THE AIRWAVES stars Max Cullen as a cab driver who endures a difficult relationship with his GPS.

Officially selected for film festivals in the UK, Europe, USA & South America.
A cab driver endures a difficult relationship with his GPS.

Love on the Airwaves features characters created from synthetic speech software and explores the dilemma facing discarded electronic devices.

Official Selection: Deep Fried Film Festival (UK), Hyart Film Festival (USA), Festival ArtDeco de Cinema (Brazil), Patras International Film Festival (Greece), Porto 7 (Portugal), International Short Film Festival Detmold (Germany), Golden Anteaters (Poland)

Writer/Director: Steven Hindes
Producers: Steven Hindes & Anita Modok
Cast: Max Cullen
Cinematography: Anita Modok
Line Producer: Margarita Georgiadis
Duration: 4' 50"
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