jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

danielleosimpson nos ha enviado un vídeo

Liliana Seyyed-Bussonvill and Georgian pianist Marina Kavtaradze in the grand hall of the Municipality of Voelklingen April 4, 2011 here perform the First and fourth movements of the Exsultate Jubilate by Daniel Léo Simpson of San Francisco.
The Composer is grateful to have his music interpreted by such world acclaimed artists and thanks them for their mighty effort and fabulous performance.

Is so great to see some live performances with actual breathing Artists on my channel (and very accomplished ones) starting to take interest in the music found there. I never forget or take for granted your support. Thank you so much...
Warm regards,
Daniel Léo Simpson
San Francisco

COMENTARIO- Thank you very much for sending this video. Beautiful performance!

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