lunes, 4 de noviembre de 2013

Catharsis - Matthew Jayasekera

If you like well written piano music, classical music, or original music, you may like my latest upload, which is entitled Catharsis. It's my longest most epic of works to date.

I hope you check it out, and like in the event that you like it.

Thank you,
Matthew Jayasekera


By Matthew Jayasekera

If we could see everything
Together, we would be laughing
Man and woman
As the heavenly bodies
Revolving, colliding and passing
The variables will change
But it's still the same game
The same old faces hide behind each new face
The places don't change, because it's all one place
The times may change, but it has always been this way
A game of Rock, paper, scissors
If you know your man
You'll know what he'll play
Empathize if you can
For it will keep you sane
It will help you win if you want to
But sometimes you'll play to lose
Just to see what they'll do to you
I've learned that people will always do as they do
Innovation will cut through convention
Yet will be broken by the strong
Then innovation will convene with it's lawyer
For the next time it sees that rock
Such wisdom in a child's game
From the machinations of human relations
To the infinite balance of the food chain
The paper fears the scissors
As the mouse fears the cat
The scissors fears the rock
As the cat fears the dog
The rock fears the paper
As the dog fears the man
And the paper fears the scissors
As the man fears God           

Thank you very much- I have enjoyed your music  and your poem a lot

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