martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

physicsmadman nos ha enviado un vídeo

I am a physics nerd but when I'm not thinking about quantum physics I compose symphonic music and perform it on my music channel; NOTEWORTHYSTUDIO

See how far one nerd musician can go with great music and a green screen (and a lot of multitracks).

Thank you


My own composition, a symphonic piece inspired by the desert sunrise. The music is unique in that it uses only one chord, writtten for the natural horn.

As for the performance video, Insanity! that's what I claim. One of me is tolerable. several of me is difficult. over 2 dozen of me in a full symphony is impossible.

Of course, with over 2 dozen of me I am bringing over 12 centuries of my musical experience into this one performance.


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