sábado, 12 de febrero de 2011

FallingInLoveAgain1 me ha enviado un vídeo: "Laughter"

this is one good reason i love who i love ... somehow they always seem to mold me like clay, get it ... like (clay) hahah ...
Laughter is my medication and so
I always search for people with the
strong ability to keep me medicated
and heavily sedated ... anger hates it
with strong passion because
hate knows from experience
laughter seeks to replace it.

Laughter acts as a soothing balm
designed for a wounded spirit,
sadness always wants to kill it.
At every happy event or occasion
sadness and sorrow attempt to steal it;
they loathe laughter's touch
and never want to feel it.

The super and ultimate antagonizer,
depression's nemesis!
The two have been dueling for ages
since the beginning of genesis.

Laughter is a bottle of pills
which I joyfully swallow in great hopes
of coming terribly close to an overdose...


Thank you very much. You are really good!
Una maravilla!

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